May 12, 2012

Trapped, 2002

Trapped, 2002
Director: Luis Mandoki
Cast: Charlize Theron, Courtney Love, Kevin Bacon

Trapped, in short: When their daughter is abducted and taken for ransom by a gang of serial kidnappers, a young doctor and his wife find themselves held hostage while a 24-hour plan to extort their money is set into motion. Now, with time running out and the health of their asthmatic daughter at serious risk, they find themselves in a life-and-death race against the clock as the "perfect crime" begins spiraling towards an unthinkable, terrifying and deadly conclusion.

Stage: home theatre, late Friday night

Preps: Hm. Already seen it. Is it a good piece? Cannot remember.. . Let's take a shot.

Reality: For once I have been right at my hunch. If I haven't remembered the storyflow and if I don't have a good idea about the movie, it couldn't have been a splendid one. Still, I am not in the mood to do anything else. Maybe I got the wrong impression.
Nope, I am right. It's not Ther0n's greatest hour. Neither Bacon's or Love's. A good action? My ass. Still, it's hard from my tongue, a better selection than anything from our local TV selection. The scenes are awful, the turnovers are predictable. The storyflow is not remarkable, as you can foresay what will happen. And the criminals aren't consistant. Are we watching a drama, psycho thriller or are we watching two randomly chosen couples that are making a pass to each other.
Again, my intuition was a good one. This is a bad movie, not worthy of your time and placing among the chosen ones.

My personal rating: 2,5 (rrrrr, still not satisfied about leaving my time in this one.).

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