Jan 29, 2012

Dying young, 1991

Dying young, 1991
Director: Joel Schumacher
Cast: Julia Roberts, Campbell Scott

Dying young in short:
After she discovers that her boyfriend has betrayed her, Hilary O'Neil is looking for a new start and a new job. She begins to work as a private nurse for a young man suffering from blood cancer. Slowly, they fall in love, but they always know their love cannot last because he is destined to die.

Home theatre, late Sunday night, TV selection

None in perticular. I am in for a movie. And our local TV makes a hell of a selection on late Sunday nights. Like they knew it would be better sleeping however you cannot resist :)

A truly sad story about love. And lovely at the same time. It is ironic how love caters us in the inappropriate moments. Like in this piece, you fall in impossible love, one that cannot last and you have the option of taking what's on the plate and enjoy it while it lasts. Or never go along with it because it is doomed to end because of an illness.
A lot of us go along in life perfectly. And some of us cannot seem to find the grasp of love that is portrayed like this in the piece. What to take, the happiness that won't last forever, or seek the forever lasting love? Sometimes we find out that heart doesn't choose like our mind does. Therefore you are thrown into a situation you cannot defy or deny because your heart wants it this way.
In this sense, falling in love with a guy that is sick to death (literally) is a no no, if you look at it from mind perspective. Julia Roberts has one of her cuter roles in being a nurse to this doomed man and falling in love with him. It is lovely to watch the roses grow, on the other hand the rituals they go through when the cancer shows its teeth, are disastrous.
Sacrifice is the main word for this piece. And love, indefinitely. Endlessly. Forever. No matter what. It is a movie for people that like romantic dramas and real life content. It will serve your veins like peas and carrots, that go well together. It will show you the sweetness and sorrow. It will make you laugh and cry. It is not a movie for those that have no respect in this or don't want to waste the time on romance.

My personal rate: 7,0
(a solid piece, worth seeing if you are a romantic soul, looking for something to think about. Would you take the risk of falling in love with someone that is dying? Compared to Sweet November, it is the same thing. If you liked that one, you will like this for sure).

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