Nov 20, 2011

Faust, 2011

Faust, 2011
Director: Aleksandr Sukorov
Cast: Johannes Zeiler, Anton Adasinsky, Isolda Dychauk

Stage: Cankarjev dom, Liffe stage

Faust in short: Winner of the Golden Lion Award at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. Deriving inspiration from Goethe’s eponymous dramatic poem, Faust completes Sokurov’s monumental tetralogy on powerful men.

Sokurov’s Faust is not a film adaptation of Goethe’s tragedy in the usual sense, but a reading of what remains between the lines. What is the colour of a world that gives rise to colossal ideas? What does it smell like? It is stuffy in Faust’s world: earthshaking plans are born in the cramped space where he scurries about. He is a thinker, a mouthpiece for ideas, a transmitter of words, a schemer, a daydreamer. An anonymous man driven by simple instincts: hunger, greed, lust. An unhappy, hounded creature that issues a challenge to Goethe’s Faust. Why stay in the moment if one can go further?

Preps: I have seen many versions of Faust, mostly on real stage and not movie ones. I am wondering about this interpretation.

Reality: The movie starts with a dillusion and you have the feeling you are drunk. The camera is making a blury image, so you think you are dreaming this (or you are high on something). The dialogues don't lead anywhere and it's really painful from the very beginning. I don't seem to find any sense in this piece and I struggle very hard. Faust finds a "soulmate", so to speak and they wonder around in this hungry violent world, seeking for god knows what. I don't seem to find the clue. Besides showing some extreme medical situations and cutting down some pieces of flesh out of the corps, some scenes of people being hungry as hell, which is really typical for that period.. the movie lacks.. well everything. I think someone was high when doing this, or I am really weird.

The conclusion is simple. I observe for an hour and after that I leave the show. Not worth my time. Not worth yours as well. And I sincerely think it is weird in a way it cannot pass even the really tiny audience. Among all the people leaving the room, I am the tenth, a lot of them follow the example. I am deeply sorry to have spent any kind of money on this.

My personal rate; 0,0 (arrrrrrgh. And I payed for this piece of s....)

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