Sep 18, 2011

Two weeks notice, 2002

Two weeks notice, 2002
Director: Marc Lawrence
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant

Stage: home theatre

Two weeks in short: Explores the question of whether it's ever too late to say 'I love you'. The story revolves around Lucy Kelson, a brilliant but neurotic attorney, and her client, who is "charming, irresponsible and fabulously wealthy."

Preps: none in perticular - I am not familiar with the piece, but am a strong fan of Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant I suppose is a giveaway in terms of me seeing this movie as a classic romantic and not really high quality comedy. Unfortunately.

Reality: Well.. unfortunately I am right. The movie leaves me cold as ice. The setting is not as wrong as it might seem.. the bursting city might be a brilliant stage for a prepotent, selfish male that is seeking attention of stupid females that are lying at his feet. Sandra Bullock in the role of someone that isn't supposed to be one of them or at least act like one. When the story develops, she becomes one of those items on his list. It is impossible for me to imagine a worse scenario, worse acting at this point. This piece is one of those pathetic comedies where you are seeking romance with a spotlight, looking for some attraction between the main actors (where it was truly supposed to be present) and trying your best way to live until its end. This piece is not remarkable nor something you should see at all. Be sure that if you succeed to miss it, it might be considered a present to your spare time. As much as I love Sandra Bullock and sometimes admit that Grant rocks the world of romantic comedies, this piece is a huge dissappointment in all terms. Running around making a big deal of the "everybody's replaceable but this perticular nanny that is taking care of my life and making it count".. well.. yuk! Obviously, the romantic Hollywood ending. What else?

My personal rate: 1,0 (no comment, not worth my time and your time.)

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